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Returning to ISPA in a slightly different format, the ISPA Innovate Awards will recognize ISPA members who have created and successfully implemented an innovative business practice, experience or product. Applications will be accepted until May 30, 2014.  Apply online today.

New Format for 2014!
Innovate Award recipients will be recognized in three different categories: business practices, experiences and products. Submissions will be reviewed by a group of ISPA leaders and finalists distributed to the ISPA membership for voting. The five applicants receiving the most peer votes in each category will be awarded an ISPA Innovate Award and will be recognized during a General Session. Selected recipients will not be required to present during an ISPA Innovate Session to be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of innovations will be considered?
ISPA is looking for industry leaders with innovative spa initiatives implemented within the past two years. Innovations may be any business idea, experience or product that are unique within the spa industry.

ISPA will be recognizing innovations in three different categories:

  • Business Practices - A method, procedure, or process employed or followed by a company. Examples include initiatives that encourage employee engagement, marketing or branding tactics, revenue driving processes, methods for increasing retail sales, etc.
  • Experiences - A spa service, workshop, activity, fitness offering, culinary program, etc. that is offered to spa guests. 
  • Products -Anything that is made or grown to be sold or used in spas.


What qualifications are required to be eligible?
To be eligible for an award, all applicants must be current ISPA members in good standing.

If I am selected, am I required to speak at the ISPA Conference?
No. Innovate Award recipients are not required to present their winning innovation at the ISPA Conference & Expo. Select winners may be invited to speak during an ISPA Innovate Session.

If I submit an application and then later have an important update about my entry, is it possible to change this information?
Yes, please send all updates to ispa@ispastaff.com. Updates must be received by May 30, 2014, to take effect.

How does the voting process work?
Submissions will be reviewed by a group of ISPA leaders and finalists distributed to the ISPA membership for voting. The top five applicants receiving the most votes in each category will be honored with an ISPA Innovate Award and recognized during a General Session at the 2014 ISPA Conference & Expo.

How do I know if I am an Innovate Award recipient?
Winners will be notified directly via the contact person provided in the application.



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